How Clean Is Your Child's Cafeteria?

Camden County's online database provides online, real-time food safety inspection reports. Here's how Gloucester Twp. schools performed.

Except for a few incidents, Gloucester Township schools largely are in full compliance with food safety regulations, county reports show.

Blackwood Elementary School was dinged on its last inspection for using chlorine bleach in its dishwasher, and rated “conditionally satisfactory.” Union Valley had a very minor spork problem, which didn’t affect its rating.

Camden County Technical School, however, had mouse infestation problem on its last inspection, plus general dirtiness in the food prep areas. The school, which serves both high school and adult students, has had similar problems in the past, reports show.

Apart from Blackwood Elementary and the technical school, all other township schools were rated satisfactory.

Camden County puts its food safety reports online. The database allows users to look up reports for any food-serving establishment, including restaurants, schools and community centers. Users can also sign up for email alerts when their favorite eatery is inspected.

Below, find the reports for Gloucester Township schools. Click on the rating to view the full report. The inspector’s comments accompany any noted violations.

Blackwood Elementary School: last inspected Nov. 27, 2012. Conditionally satisfactory.

Violation under food contact surfaces properly cleaned & sanitized: “…Improper chlorine bleach chemical being dispensed into dishwasher machine at this time. Re-ordering of proper sanitizing chemical has been done and should be available by Dec. 7, 2012. …”

Blackwood Elementary also had a conditionally satisfactory rating on its prior inspection on Sept. 21, 2012.

Camden County Technical School cafeteria: last inspected Nov. 19, 2012. Conditionally satisfactory.

Violation under food contact surfaces properly cleaned & sanitized: “… Accumulation of greasy residue on equipment to include fryers, stoves, ovens, other cooking equipment. … Soiled floors and shelves in the culinary kitchen, walk-in-refrigerator. Dry stock shelves, plastic storage bins, floors soiled inside dry stock room off the kitchen….”

Presence of insects/rodents minimized: “A mouse infestation exists in the kitchen and stock room areas. No vermin droppings were found on food preparation surfaces.”

Camden County Technical School’s cafeteria has had similar violations in past inspections.

Chews Elementary School: last inspected Nov. 14, 2012. Satisfactory.

Erial Elementary School: Last inspected Nov. 14, 2012. Satisfactory.

Glen Landing Middle School: last inspected Sept. 13, 2012. Satisfactory.

Glendora Elementary School: last inspected Nov. 16, 2012. Satisfactory.

Gloucester Township Elementary School: last inspected Oct. 15, 2012. Satisfactory.

Highland Regional High School: last inspected Nov. 15, 2012. Satisfactory.

Kingdom Charter School of Leadership: last inspected Sept. 13, 2012. Satisfactory.

Lewis Middle School: last inspected Sept. 21, 2012. Satisfactory.

Lilley Elementary School: last inspected Nov. 20, 2012. Satisfactory.

Loring-Flemming Elementary School: last inspected Nov. 14, 2012. Satisfactory.

Utensils, single service items, equipment, linens properly stored, dried & handled: “Single use utensils that are not prewrapped were not presented so that only the handles are touched by employees and by children. COS: Sporks arranged handle up.”

Mullen Middle School: last inspected Nov. 13, 2012. Satisfactory.

Our Lady of Hope: last inspected Nov. 9, 2012. Satisfactory.

Timber Creek Regional High School: last inspected Nov. 15, 2012. Satisfactory.

Triton Regional High School: last inspected Oct. 18, 2012. Satisfactory.

Union Valley Elementary School: last inspected Nov. 15, 2012. Satisfactory.


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Darren Gladden February 05, 2013 at 07:28 PM
PS prove me wrong AND 6 MOUTHS....... smh........ I have been watching this town since 92 maybe early then that DAN .......hahaha
A neighbor February 05, 2013 at 11:33 PM
It is sad when people are so overcome with hate and anger that it consumes them and becomes the only thing they see and feel and they never consider the way it may be affecting their relationships with friends and family or the way they are perceived. They never think of the positive and the good that happens, they only wish to bring others down. Balance is important. If people only see one side they tend to believe that is how someone is all the time. Who wants to spend time with someone that is always complaining, always negative always miserable? i know i wouldn't. People are much happier when they surround themselves with positive people. Strong people don't put others down, they lift them up. I see things wrong all the time, but I also see so many good things too. Maybe Susan is suggesting that you try to also create a better balance of things. People may listen to you more. I know when I first started reading the Patch, I was interested in your posts and I would read them, now, when I see you making a comment I don't even bother to read it because I know it is just you going on some rant about something. Your comments are often ignored and I am probably not the only one.
Susan Greene February 06, 2013 at 01:34 AM
Thank - You Neighbor, Yes, a voice of reason, I knew as soon as I would try to make a positive comment here that it may be read by few but shouted down by -fill in the blank. So, let me put it this way for Mr. Darren to understand. Dear Darren, There are or WERE, families who want to teach their children about our Democratic process by bringing them to Council Meetings, Sr. Citizen's who attend and have legitimate issues and concerns they want addressed. There are Celebrations, Awards, for students, sports, etc. It's called Recognition for a job well done as a proud citizen of their Community. Now, as soon as the awards portion is over, what you don't see are the Families and Sr. Citizen's sitting there for very long. WHY? Who wants to hear you, and your few radicals, yelling, insulting, and making a mockery of the very process you scream is, YOUR GOD given right. Like your noise is not enough, you have to bring guests from other towns to insult our Leadership. You get in the parking lot like a bunch of school yard bullies after council meetings talking about how tough you are. Then, you run home, get on Patch and continue your venom. Do you see a pattern here Darren? Think of other peoples rights, can "YOU" do that for 6 months? YOU have been watching G.T. since 1992? Really? What were you 15 and living in Bellmawr? Remember , "Children Learn what they Live" The Bully Pulpit isn't working out for you to well, I know there is a nice guy in there somewhere. Susan
Darren Gladden February 06, 2013 at 01:43 AM
Thank you and understand I can see you turn a blind eye to the problems of today what are you running GT from a far.Believe me my exit plans is on overdrive I'm sick and tired of the BS and lies .............See you are a honor of a man , A neighbor really don't have to many of them around GT state your Name and be truthful
Jennifer February 06, 2013 at 02:13 PM
Well, on that note. Union Valley had a spork problem? I'm outraged!


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