Council to Move Forward with Rec Center Expansion

Expansion means more room for preschool and meetings, but the plan isn't a done deal yet.

Gloucester Township Council is one step closer to approving an expansion to the recreation center on Broadacres Drive in Blackwood.

A resolution to approve the proposed expansion plans as well the advertisement for bids on the project will be on the agenda at the Feb. 11 Council meeting.

Business administrator Tom Cardis discussed the basic of the proposal with Council at Monday night's workshop session. The expansion will add two rooms that will take up a combined 1,600 square feet, Cardis said. Both rooms will be for mutil-purpose use and will serve as meeting areas and well as an area for the township's preschool program.

Cardis said that the preschool program has done well in the past few years and the expansion will give the program more space. The expansion is a part of the Township's Recreation Open Space program.

The expansion will be paid for by a bond ordinance that was approved by Council in May 2012. The $920,000 bond ordinance set aside $287,100 to pay for the Recreation Center expansion. The remainder of the money in the ordinance was slated to be used toward improvements at the Blackwood Kiwanis Little League complex.

Do you think the recreation center should be expanded? Tell us in the comments.

Susan Greene February 10, 2013 at 03:14 AM
Angie Jones,it's still there,posted by a radical named Mel. Just above Eagles Fan 856 and below Sick of GTBS. Yes Angie, There is a few radicals who are residents of GT and a couple of out of towners who come to our Council Meetings and attack each council person , one by one. Now they are on personal attacks. They sit at meetings , laughing, and mocking the process. Just like a bunch of school yard bulliew. I;m all for people coming and asking questions,presentiong ideas and stating their concerns to our leadership. But this is insane, I wish more people would come to council or watch online and see how they behave. They are just waiting for someone to know the chip off their shoulders. How miserable they must be in their own personal life to act like that It's disgusting and they want to call themselves Politicians. They remind me of the radical group during the early stages of the war in Iraq, remember the group that would go to Military Funerals and disrupt a poor parent trying to bury their loved one Yep, that's who they remind me of Oh, but then they scream and yell it's their right to protest. Now, here on Patch, this group of bullies attack every news post of the Twp. slamming away on the keyboard about FBI, conspiracy theories, and now the beautiful foundation in memory of a little boy. Read Darren's reply to me, I just tried to warn him off this group, they just use him but he wants to come back and attack me. Bullies don't scare me, they give me strength.
Susan Greene February 10, 2013 at 03:48 AM
NA..I don't care about Darren calling me out. I was voting when he was a Twinkle in his Pappy's eye. I guess it's getting to him, he keeps telling us he woke up, we should wake up, have to laugh, is he Cindr-fella? I just tried to give him heads up about how they are using him and laugh at him doing their dirty work. I kind of felt bad for the guy seeing and hearing what his so called friends are doing to him He say's in his post he's loud and proud, really? Proud of his actions? Say's I should listen to him, of course ,he's right and everyone else is wrong. Maybe Darren should try to read the newspaper, not "PAPPER", and really know what's going on, residents of GT all know they can get the answers to the questions they have. I just wish that some of the residents that used to come to council and ask questions would come back. I know a few elderly folks that don't come anymore because they don't want to be disrespected by the bullies, and they can't stand the hatefulness directed to our leadership, that kind of bully crap scares them. So, anyway, Darren is loud and proud, of scarring off people from coming to council? They are Americans also, but I guess they don't have the same rights as bullies. I don't hear Darren standing up against Mel for his disgusting comments about the Tyler Cardis Foundation. I guess he agrees with him HUH? Darn shame and bad Karma. Did you notice Mel's comment at the end? This just may be a rumor? What a Lousy Political Blogger.
Seth February 11, 2013 at 01:25 AM
Patch reported Alfano indicted and FBI investigating the head of the Gloucester Township Democratic party Kevin Piccolo. Alfano will rat them out. Mayor and Council are Crooks the FEDS know this, that's why they are here. Norcross is terminally ill so whose going to protect them now
Darren Gladden February 11, 2013 at 02:57 AM
OMG ......Smh .......What is wrong with you .......Do you even have a clue ..... It's not about """"''MMMMEEEEEEEEE""""""""""'.......It's about all of us . I understand you care about your ways STOP BEING FAKE ...""""'Relax """""""'but on a """""REAL"""""" nOTE ......You START off with a LIE when you don't state your REAL NAME .....BULLY......smh .....Grow up it's time for some change ....Out with the Old in with the New ........Just care , I do ....Now to all you Fake ones this songs for you .http://youtu.be/gjzXlRzM6PQ
Tara Feeley March 01, 2013 at 06:01 AM
the elderly arent as schooled as us new generation are with all the crimes being committed by our "leaders." this isnt 1950 where people are afraid to disrespect the leaders and speak up. its called the 1st amendment. and its funny sue greene how you are constantly calling darren a bully but in every single post you have something to say about his spelling or grammar. hello pot this is kettle, youre black.


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