Letter to the Editor: Lance Should Support Some Gun Control

Union County resident and former Naval Commanding Officer says, the "Second Amendment can still prevail effectively by limiting the type of weapons that are available for self-defense and hunting and by legally qualifying the users."

Dear Congressman Lance,    

In 1791, the Second Amendment to the Constitution was adopted to enable American settlers to bear arms for the defense of the country, their property and personal security. Rifles and pistols were muzzle loaders with single shots. Seventy years later, Gatling sold the first rapid-fire gun to the Union Army with claims to cut force size, reduce combat deaths and show the futility of war.

Gatling’s assertions proved to be wrong. The gun industry has since expanded to the personal marketing of advanced sophisticated weapons that were created for military use in multiple wars. Today, we’re besieged with automatic and semi-automatic assault guns that are capable of killing myriad people instantly, if in the hands of the wrong users. As a Marine Rifle and Pistol Expert who was trained to defend our country, I see no need for individuals to retain assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. Such internet sales should be banned to all buyers. 

Further, I oppose the availability of all guns to anyone who has been convicted of a felony or has a history of mental illness. Prospective buyers should provide background checks, licensing verification by reliable witnesses, and a sustained waiting period for any gun or ammunition purchases. Only fully qualified users should be permitted to fire any weapon. 

The provisions of the Second Amendment can still prevail effectively by limiting the type of weapons that are available for self-defense and hunting and by legally qualifying the users. Your support is requested for appropriate legislation. 


Rich Madden,
Summit Council President,
United States Naval Academy Honor Guard Representative to the President at the White House,
Captain, United States Marine Corps, Commanding Officer, Btry A, 1st LAAM Battalion, FMFMBA,

Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration,

CEO, Adidas USA, Inc.

Devilsfan December 23, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Another I'm smartert than you politician with a knee jerk response who doesn't know why the second Amendment is in the Constitution and with all his credentials he thinks no one will speak out against his view. Well I will and I love to fully debate it. The problem is with registration is the eventual confiscation as the Gov of NY recently stated and thats where the problem lies. As affluent as some might think they are when chaos arises liek after a Storm as we've seen here in NJ, we are on our own to defend ourselves. What did they do in Louisiana? Went door-to-door and took away weopons from law abiding tax payers while the criminals roamed free. Why because they had a list! The 2nd Amendment is there to protect us from oppressive government and know it all politicians. Plan and simple.
Dan Aschenbach December 28, 2012 at 05:57 AM
No question. 20 children died. No debate. Automatic weapons have no place in civil society. Political leadership has to act. President Madden has it right. There has to be a change to protect children. How does a mentally ill boy who we need to protect get a gun and act out violence. Dan Aschenbach, former Cranford Mayor
Edward O'Malley January 17, 2013 at 10:08 PM
Democracies tend toward inaction. They commonly require a crisis to forge consensus for action. It is one of the biggest weaknesses of our system. We must guard against it. There are those among us who eschew logic in political matters. No reasoning can reach them. There are those who marginalize science and dismiss all unfriendly facts. No amount of information will alter their view. There are those who have no imagination for how things can be better. There are those who tend to be tone deaf to the shifting undercurrents that necessitate a change in direction. We must not allow them to deter the rest of us from the urgency for meaningful, cooperative action to improve the quality of our lives. Like the oil companies, the NRA has adopted a tobacco like campaign that appeals to extremists to block change. It is well funded, effective and formidable. Nibbling around the edges will not suffice to move the intransigent status quo. Gun industry profits hold too much sway. Newton changed the framing of this issue. Consensus now exists for repealing the second amendment and putting an end to the false choices previously available on gun control. The path to change will be long and arduous, but now is the moment in time to join the fight. Feeling strongly about kids dying is not enough. Take ownership. Advocate for change. Deny support to those who enable obstruction and death.
Monk January 17, 2013 at 10:24 PM
At least gun owners understand the importance of aiming. The target should be "violence". What can we do to reduce violence? What is it about our culture that leads to violence? Every other effort is missing the mark and won't necessarily reduce violence, of any type. Gun control legislation is a band-aid at best.


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