Letter: Thank You From Lance Liverman

Recently elected Princeton Councilman thanks voters, supporters, opponents, family.


To the Editor:

I could never find the correct words to express my sincere gratitude. There were so many Princeton residents that decided to trust me. I do not take this vote for granted.

I will continue to work for a united, diverse, safe, welcoming and lovable Princeton. This could not have happen if it was not for a great support staff that really did most of the work. Special thanks go to Walter, Peter, Doreen, Helen, Sue, Dan and Jon.  

Every campaign has its ups and downs. We were lucky that we were all able to get along and to understand the big picture. Princeton is truly lucky to have Liz Lempert as the next Mayor. The council members: Jo Butler, Jenny Crumiller, Heather Howard, Bernie Miller and Patrick Simon will work for the interest of good local government. I wanted to thank my family for always supporting me.  

I wanted to thank Dick Woodbridge and Geoff Aton for running a positive campaign. I am hoping they will stay involved and help the new government.Now there is work to be done. We cannot do all of the work alone. We need support.Please consider joining one of the Boards and Commissions in the new Princeton.

I have always believed that Princeton is a melting pot of gifted talent, please share this gift with all of us.By all of us working together we can continue to make a difference.

Thanks again,

Lance Liverman


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