Letter: Dear PSE&G...

With still dozens, if not hundreds of Princeton residents still in the dark following Hurricane Sandy, one resident outlines his experience with the utility company.


Dear PSE&G –

You are a company in deep need of an emergency response communications system.  This whole thing is a joke.  Here we are nine days after the storm and no power.  And PSE&G can't even answer the special power outage hotline they have set up.  I have called repeatedly – multiple times I have waited an hour and no pick up, I have been disconnected numerous times, and I have never reached a rep.  This might make sense a day or two after the storm but not nine days after.  PSE&G should at least be able to answer the phone by now. 

And the internal communications isn't any better.  I have repeatedly reported the outage at my address - to the police, on online maps, and on the PSE&G My Account page.  Then today one of PSE&G’s survey teams is looking at (but not fixing) the downed wires outside my house, and tells me he has no record of a reported outage at my address.  Clearly one hand is not talking to the other.  And now My Account page on the PSE&G website says the status of my power outage report is "Power has been restored to your area".  NO, IT HASN'T!  I live here, there’s no power.   “If there is anything still wrong” it asks me to call the 1-800-436-PSEG hotline, which I do and it promptly disconnects me - three times in a row.

I understand this is an unprecedented storm.  I understand it may take time to repair things.  But the lack of communications and the level of misinformation is unforgivable.  People are very stressed out by living in the dark and the cold.  PSE&G is making worse by being the "gang that can't shoot straight".

What is going on?  Your company is in deep need of restructuring and new management.  In the age of electronic media and high quality service, you are failing miserably.

Thos Paine

Fairway Drive, Princeton

Candace AkaPrecious BigandbeautifulAntoine November 08, 2012 at 07:20 AM
I can definitely understand what this person is going through. Over in Bloomfield, It will be 10 nights in a row that we have had to live in cold and darkness. I am currently staying by a family friend( also in bloomfield) but apparently this part received high priority since they got power about 7 days ago and even last night I saw PSEG crews from FL working so hard in snow and rain to fix an outage over here and I see PSEG vans almost everyday here- yet on my block all they did was cut down a tree 3 days ago and that was that no crews to fix anything or even look at the damage. NONE. Is it me or why does it seem like some areas are neglected for extended periods of time while others are given high priority. Very frustrating and disappointing.
Don Robinson November 08, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Totally agree - we have been wo power in Princeton on Province Line Rd since October 29th. We have spoken to the township engineer's office, Gov Christies office and all have been quite sympathetic. PSEG on the other hand is clueless - agents are reading from a script without any clue about what is going on. I have seen countless wires down - even on Province Line Rd and countless utility trucks driving up and down the street. And where are we now - cold, no power, no response, no ETA.
jamie chris November 08, 2012 at 05:04 PM
totally agree ... this is the 21st century.a day or two with no electric is understandable but weeks no excuse....with all the money spendt on repairing the lines ..why not take this money and put the lines underground...expsensive yes but a one time expense.....not expense very time there is a storm...but than again there goes very ones over time pay....


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