No Takers Yet for Alexander Street Homes

The University is offering the homes gratis to anyone willing to pay to haul them away no later than the end of April.


No one has stepped forward to take the houses that Princeton University is offering for free.

The buildings in the 100 block of Alexander Street are slated for demolition as the University prepares for construction of its $300 million Arts & Transit Neighborhood this spring. The University is offering the homes gratis to anyone willing to pay to haul them away no later than the end of April.

"There has been some interest, but so far we do not have a scheduled move," Princeton University Spokesman Martin Mbugua said. 

The seven homes available are located between #106 to 194 Alexander Street, with the exception of #156, which is not owned by the University.  

Some of the structures are single family homes, others have multiple units.

"They've previously been used by the University, but they're not in move-in condition," Mbugua said. "There has been remediation work (asbestos, etc.) as they have been prepared for demolition. Some of them have parts that are no longer in place and these could be window fixtures or interior sections."

All of the properties are currently tax exempt and not listed on the Princeton tax rolls. However, two of the properties were taxed in 2012: 106 Alexander St. and 112-116 Alexander St. 

In 2012, the single-family, 2,169 sq. ft. Colonial home built in 1950 and located at 106 Alexander St. was appraised for $230,000 (building only) and the three-unit, 3,710 sq. ft. Colonial home built in 1880 and located at 112-116 Alexander St. was appraised at $766,900 (building only)

In the last year, those two structures have been converted to tax-exempt status, according to the Princeton Tax Assessor's Office. 

Anyone seeking more information should contact the Princeton University Office of Community and Regional Affairs at 609-258-3204 or email pucra@princeton.edu.

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Caralien February 28, 2013 at 09:35 PM
The university should have given more notice and publicized the availability of these homes prior to last week--it's not as though their plans have only recently been finalized or publicized. Most people do not have a spare field or construction company to build a foundation in a few weeks (even if permits were instantaneous).
Ed Percarpio March 01, 2013 at 02:44 PM
It is logistically impossible for someone to take advantage of this by the end of April. Between the engineering plans, legal and township paperwork, hiriing a house mover, working with PSEG for powerlines, Verizon and Comcast for their cables, this is a non-starter.


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