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Letter: Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Liz Lempert

Mayoral candidate Dick Woodbridge congratulates his opponents and thanks his supporters.


To the Editor:

I would like to warmly congratulate Mayor-elect Liz Lempert for a well-earned victory on Nov. 6 and for running a clean, spirited and issues oriented campaign. Congratulations also to Heather, Jenny, Jo, Patrick, Bernie and Lance for a great race. In the spirit of cooperation, I pledge to do whatever needs to be done to make consolidation work.

I also would like to thank the many supporters and contributors who came from across the entire spectrum of the community to help our non-partisan effort. We received roughly 40% of the vote and I believe we added some much needed diversity to the local conversation.

Geoff Aton deserves special credit for running a fantastic  race as our only candidate for the six person Council. It’s like being the Maytag repairman in a town where everyone owns a Kenmore.

It is always a privilege to run for public office. The campaign was hard fought, the choices were clear, and we did our best.

Now it’s time to transform the promises of the Consolidation Study Commission into reality an  make the Town of Princeton a better place for future generations.


Richard C. Woodbridge

Prospect Avenue


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