With Netflix's Price Boost, Will Users Give It the Boot?

Move spreads major discontent; social media explodes with angry reactions.

In a bold move, Netflix announced it will spike its DVD and online movie packages by almost 60 percent. 

The changes ignited massive discontent among its users, with more than 30,000 people leaving disapproving comments on Netflix's Facebook page, threatening to cancel their subscriptions. 

Twitter exploded with angry comments from users, who vowed to never again use the signature red envelope DVD rental service. 

The company said it will now separate its online streaming and mail-in movie options.

Users will have to purchase the plans individually — $7.99 to rent one movie out at a time and $7.99 for online streaming. 

Prior to the changes, subscribers would pay $9.99 to rent one DVD at a time and stream unlimited movies from the web. 

The combo bargain package, though, is no more; subscribers will have to fork up $15.98 for both options.

On their blog, Netflix said the sweeping changes would bring the "lowest prices ever for unlimited DVDs."

They said the previous plan, "neither makes great financial sense nor satisfies people who just want DVDs." 

The changes are slated to take place after Sept. 1. For new users, the changes are effective immediately. 

Livid about the change? Here's a list of alternative video rental options in case you're ready to cancel your subscription:

  • Blockbuster offers a video rental mail service. $11.99/month for one DVD, $16.99/month for two and $19.99/month for three, all with five in-store exchanges. Stores are also offering in-store rentals for as low as $0.99. 
  • Look for your nearest Redbox. Watch a movie for as low $1 a night and return the movie the next day. Redbox machines are located at grocery stores, mass merchant retailers, drugstores, restaurants and convenience stores nationwide.
  • Hulu Plus: For $8 a month, subscribers can watch TV shows, documentaries and movies online. 


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