Do You Think NJ Should Legalize Gay Marriage?

It's now legal in New York State, but not in the Garden State.

There were a lot of weddings performed in New York on Sunday.

That was the first day that gay marriage, approved in The Empire State last month, officially became legal in the sixth state in the nation to do so.

New Jersey does not recognize gay marriage.

For now, gay couples wishing to legally join together in New Jersey only have what are called "civil unions," which some proponents of gay marriage have argued not only can cause the couples to face certain legal hurdles, but also represents a separate status unequal to marriage.

Last month Lambda Legal, a New York law firm, filed a lawsuit in Superior Court of Mercer County on behalf of Garden State Equality, a statewide LGBT advocacy organization, and seven same-sex couples who claim they have been harmed from the unequal civil union system.


One of the plaintiff couples in the suit is Marsha Shapiro, 56, and Louise Walpin, 57, of Monmouth Junction, who have been together for 22 years and raised four children.  

"We're deeply affected, profoundly hurt and disappointed that the New Jersey Constitution guarantees that no one should be discriminated against, yet here we are, over and over, discriminated against because we can't get married like everybody else,”

Which brings us to a question: Should New Jersey legalize gay marriage? What does New York's legalization mean for other states, like our own? Chime in below.

Henry J Powsner July 27, 2011 at 02:42 PM
It has been amply demonstrated that Civil Unions cannot protect the rights of same sex couples joined in civil union as is granted to married couples. This is required by the anti-discrimination provisions of the NJ Constitution. The NJ court required that the legislature end this discrimination, in the decision that led to the law creating the NJ civil union. That status, civil union, has failed to end the discrimination and must be replaced. The prejudice created by some religious teachings must not be allowed to serve as the basis of New Jersey civil law.
Regina McClam November 14, 2012 at 08:38 PM
I believe in equality! We should be free to marry whomever we please. I also believe we should keep civil unions for anyone who wishes to be bound together with certain rights but aren't sure it will last forever, no need for divorce papers and court fees. In NJ we have something called Common Law, if you've lived with your boyfriend or girlfriend (straight couples) for 7+ years your considered married!? Sounds like civil union to me! So make gay marriage legal NJ, we are a state of equal opportunities... are we not?


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